A Lazy Winter Saturday and a New Book Selection

It is noon on a Saturday in the middle of January.  I’ve already driven to Anderson Mountain and back to cross country ski in a blizzard with my puppy.  Now it’s time to relax on the couch.  There is a warm fire simmering in the wood stove.  I’m wearing my new socks  and reading my new book. img_1370.jpg Both Christmas presents, socks from my assistant daughter Shelby, and the book from my daughter Hannah.  I’ve got a new batch of kombucha brewing on the stove.  I’m enjoying a hot cup of herbal dandelion blend beverage with nut pods creamer.  My kittens Ruth and Bader are running around the house like wild banshies and my 5 month old lab is outside chewing on some fresh deer bones from a recent butchering and meat grinding session in the garage. Later I plan on making lintel soup for tomorrow to take snowboarding and then rip out the sweater I knitted and write my own pattern for a pussy hat.  After listening to NPR this morning about all of the marches and people trying to repel Roe vs Wade, I have this burning desire to knit a pussy hat out of my wrecked sweater. Yep.  Just your average Saturday afternoon.

When I received my new book at Christmas, I had to quickly finish the other three I was in the middle of.  I read three at a time quite often and sometimes have to laugh at the randomness of the three books I’m reading.  It’s like when you go to the grocery store and buy three seemingly random items like a bottle of wine, a frozen pizza and a box of tampons.



That’s not a good example.  Those actually go together.

The books I was reading were;

“Mindfullness for Beginners” (recommend, if you’re into that kind of thing),

“Dark Horse; Achieving Success Through the Pursuit of Fulfillment” (also recommend, if you’re into that kind of thing)

“Pussy; A Reclamation” (don’t really recommend unless you are my friend Christina the Magical Doula).  None of these actually made the cut for Wild About Books.

Which brings us to the new book selection.  A memoir;  by a person I would love join for a glass of wine and talk about books; talk about anything.  A strong woman, certainly not a whiner, but an eloquent, well spoken, articulate,  beautiful human being with a heart of gold and a sense of humor; with a “get shit done” work ethic.  Our book selection is “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.

There is a good chance that my followers are reading or have already read “Becoming”.  and if you haven’t I highly recommend it.  From growing up on the south side of Chicago, to going to Princeton and Harvard, to becoming the First Lady, this is a tale worth reading.

It’s a tale of goodness and kindness and how a positive attitude will carry you far.  It’s what I hope I taught my own children.  To expect the best, jump some hurdles, and keep heading to the best outcome.  And let’s treat every person we meet as if they may some day become first lady or president.

I’m excited when Ivana Trump writes her memoir.  I can’t imagine what her life must be like.  And how did I end up with a blog that has ‘pussy” in it twice? Now, thrice.

For more great book selections and a few good adventures go to Wild About Books

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