Love in the Time of COVID-19

Shelter in Place Survival Tips by Lisa:

  1.  Let’s start with Zoom.  What a great tool.  In just the past week I have had two different Zoom yoga classes, interviewed two people for a job and had two cocktail parties, all while sheltering in place.  My sheltering in place also includes my office which is in a school, which has very few people, if any, most of the day.
  2. Restaurant Take out:  this is a great way to support local businesses.  We used an app to order and pay for lunch at the Bitterroot Brewery.  I also hear that Higher Ground Brewery is selling pizza kits.  A go box with dough, sauce, cheese and toppings to put together and cook at home. I love all of the creative entrepreneur ideas coming out of this pandemic.
  3. Take an online class.  I’m finishing my MasterClass in creative writing with Margaret Atwood and signed up for another online writing class that started today.
  4. Knitting:  I’m finishing another pussy hat and will start a new project. The yarn has shipped and I’ll be starting a baby blanket.  Knitting is very meditative and productive.  This may be one of my issues with starting a meditation practice, it doesn’t seem very productive.
  5. Meditate:  Dan Harris, author of “10% Happier” has a free daily guided meditation on You Tube.  Each day he has a meditation guru to guide you though a short meditation with a question and answer session at the end.
  6. Podcasts:  I’m enjoying Brene Brown’s new podcast “Unlocking Us”, some are better than others, but podcasts are easy to listen to or delete.  Also enjoying the new season of “Scene on Radio” called “The Land that Never Has Been Yet” about the history of democracy in America, or lack of.  I also recommend Scene on Radio season 3 “Men” and season 2 “Seeing White”.  And in case you haven’t heard; the podcast “Vegan Warrior Princess Attack” has changed its name to “Bitchy Shit Show”.
  7. Games:  cribbage is our go to game for two.  I’m always looking for a new game though.  Please let me know of any good games for two.  Might have to breakout Zach and Hannah’s fancy Stratego game before this is all over.
  8. Jigsaw puzzles:  sounds like people are into jigsaw puzzles.  Hannah says her neighborhood is having a jigsaw puzzle exchange (not sure how that’s going now with all the precautions).  I despise jigsaw puzzles, also a very non productive activity.  I did however just purchase a paint by number kit.  I’ll let you know how that goes.
  9. Cooking:  love this one; creative, meditative and productive.  Last night I tried a new recipe; vegan gumbo over brown rice.  Turned out great.  We just happened to have a bag of frozen okra as that was the only frozen vegetable left in the freezer case at the grocery store a few weeks ago (things seem to be a little better now).
  10. Walk, bike, or climb a mountain with ski boots and skis on your back then ski down.  So many outdoor options.  I hope everyone finds an outdoor exercise option.
  11. Lunges, squats, push ups, tricep dips, plank, side plank, burpees, jumping jacks (no equipment needed).  Three times a day should do it.
  12. Read!  So much great time for reading.  Shelter in Place; a readers dream.  I have a morning book and an evening book.  My morning book is “A Force for Good The Dalai Lama’s Vision for Our World”  This is a great book to start the day.  A positive look at the world and it’s people and an enjoyable read.  In the evenings I’m reading book four of the “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” series.  (I’ve blogged on the first three.)  The fourth book in the series is called ” Labyrinth of the Spirits” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  I love this author’s writing and you will not want to be under the influence of anything in order to follow along.  There is lots happening and lots of characters.  I actually had to start over and take notes on the characters to keep up.  The first book is “Shadow of the Wind”.  If you haven’t read this series it would be a great COVID-19 project.

There you have it.  Shelter in place is easy; as I just emailed to a friend; give me a book, two bikes and a forest….oh wait….that’s what I do everyday.  I did hear on the news the other day that we should all just pretend like we have the virus (and we might) and act accordingly.  Stay healthy, stay home,  this is real; but stay calm.  And vote.  Don’t forget to vote.

Did she say “baby blanket”?

Yes, but she also said “paint by number”.

More great book suggestions and fun adventures can be found at Wild About Books.

4 thoughts on “Love in the Time of COVID-19

  1. Wow, girl. I have some things I am incorporating into my life to stay sane. But it seems you are practicing for the next Olympics, the next Vegan Cook -off and maybe even preparing for a chat with the Dalai Lama.


  2. This is awesome, thank you! I myself started a workout group. I made a list of workout videos and shared them in google drive with friends in the group. We work out at the same time every day, watching the same video, but in our own homes.
    One of my favorite podcasts is I Don’t Know Her, a podcast about women you should have heard of but didn’t because, uh, men wrote the history books.
    A social distancing book club is also a good idea. And, taking time to connect with other people that maybe we haven’t in a while…

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  3. I love your writing. Am so impressed you are taking writing classes. Of course now I feel like I have been a slug. Of course my garden and Archie are great fun. Newell too.


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  4. Hello Lisa! Loved reading this. Wishing you good health and many yummy vegan meals. 😊
    Mindy (née Peterson) Lada
    Durham, NC


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