Wild About Books is a blog for book lovers and life lovers.  This blog shares great reads and discusses how those great reads impact our lives.  Feel free to share this site with your book loving friends.  This site is constantly improving and changing as it is my practice blog and I’m learning about WordPress every day.  You will see that there are plans for workshops on the site.  Stay tuned for more workshop information. Enjoy.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Lisa! I’m on! Sort of… And really enjoyed your Blog (is that correct?) with reference to you Mormon friend and last month’s book (which I want to read). I am more like your Mormon Friend, except I’m Catholic…well and also except for the vegan and non-alcohol part, okay and the ass on the couch thing too. But with all that said I will not start with the last chapter first. ‘Think for starters I am going to get my Soul Untethered and start there. And somehow work that into finishing Book III of Game of Thrones (wow confusing). I think there is something else I should do to comment on books with the group?


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