Too many books; so little time

I am going to get better at this blogging thing; I promise.  In November I’m going to get special one on one training at a training facility in Durham, NC. (Just warning you Hannah).  It’s almost our deadline for reading “The Invention of Wings”; but what does deadline really mean at the Montana Wild Women Book Club Blog?  Not a God Damn thing! There are no rules here; no stress; just good times with good people and good books.  Sharing some ideas and commenting on some books.  I went with the blog idea due to an experience I had on face book and determined that face book was not the medium I wanted to use for the book club.  I had challenged my face book friends to list their top five books and I listed mine as a start.  Since I accept everyone’s friend request; the next person to comment listed their top five books starting with “The Living Bible” and a book by Sara Palin.  This was honest of my “friend” (since unfriended) yet this was not what I was looking for nor wanted to be associated with.  Also, this blog idea started because my day job is lacking in creativity that I desire and this blog is here to fill that void.  Perhaps I’m just justifying this to myself and this venue is merely a way to express myself to myself. Hum… Do you go blind doing that?

I’ve read so many books this month that I haven’t had time to preview our upcoming book club book.  I’m also on a knitting frenzy trying to get Hannah’s scarf finished.  I started it Christmas 2011 and want to finish it Christmas 2014; it’s just a flipping scarf, get on with it.  I’ll post a picture when it’s done.  I’ll get Hannah to model it, she looks good in everything I knit.  I digress.  One book I just finished is “The Unveiling of Grace”  a book that I would have never read had it not been my desire to understand my good friend who just became the Bishop at the Mormon Church.  The book is about a women who is a professor at BYU; became a Mormon as an young adult, raised her children Mormon; sealed her marriage in the Mormon Temple; all of the things a good Mormon does.  After her third son returned from his mission, the whole family started to question the Mormon religion and this book is their journey of being a Mormon for 30 years and then letting that go.  It was very informative but did not help me understand my good friend.  I’m also reading “The Emerald Mile” which I spoke of in a previous blog and “Racing Weight” a book about endurance sports and training for them as I have a little bucket list thing to run a marathon and a time frame of when I’m 50 which happens this October.  I may sign up for the Missoula Marathon on my birthday this year.  Please join me.  We have many months to train as the Missoula Marathon isn’t until July 2015.  I have about 8 books in my wish list on Amazon including our next book selection.  I’m considering posting one new book a month for our book club and since we are a stress free no rules book club you can do with it what you want.  It’s possible that all you do is read my blog post.  The new book will be announced October 1 although I may be knitting instead of previewing it so no guarantees on the book; but I’m pretty good at picking them out.  This is another novel, but we will branch out to some other types of books soon.  Don’t worry, I won’t make your read about endurance racing.


Good times.

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