November Book Selection

First, I must warn you that when you do finish “All the Light We Cannot See”; you will continue to think about it after the book is over.  You will have a hard time starting a new book,you will think you are “cheating”, because you’re still in a relationship with  “All the Light We Cannot See”.  The characters will stick with you and you will be wondering about them as you drive to work as if they were part of your family. You’ll give this book as a Christmas present to your reading friends.  It’s that good.

You’ll start to find a trend with my book selection.  I like books about survivors (“Unbroken”, The Warmth of Other Suns”, “The Glass Castle”), about people overcoming the odds, the underdog winning (“Boy’s in the Boat”)  Some people may find these book choices depressing, I find them inspiring and heart warming.  Don’t confuse survivor books with whiner  books (“Eat Pray Love”).  I will not read a whiner book.

There will not be a book selection for December.  I’m giving you the month off to catch up on your reading or to read something light and easy.  I’ll be going for the light and easy as I read book two of Ken Follett’s trilogy. I recommend book one “Fall of Giants” It’s like James Michener meets Danielle Steele with a splash of Downtown Abbey.  Juicy historical novel covering many families from many countries and how their lives connect.    You’ll stay up too late reading and have to drink an extra cup of coffee in the morning.  You’ll find yourself thinking; I should get out of these pajamas and make dinner.  It’s worth it.

You may think that I have a mini epiphany when choosing our monthly book selection.  You would be wrong.  This month I had selected a book, started it and decided it was not worthy of the Wild Women Book Club.  I bought and returned two kindle books before deciding that I should get the free preview first (love the Kindle).  I previewed 10 books.  The problem is I’ve set the bar too high with our first two books and this is the service you are expecting from this blog and rightly so might I add.  As we enter the holiday season, I have chosen a motivating, energizing, spiritual book guaranteed to awaken your consciousness.  It’s an easy to follow, well written book in which the main character is the reader.  The November Wild Women Book Club selection is:  “The Untethered Soul:  The Journey Beyond Yourself”

“When you are no longer absorbed
in your melodrama but, instead, sit comfortably deep
inside the seat of awareness, you will start to feel this flow
of energy coming up from deep within. This flow has
been called Shakti. This flow has been called Spirit”

Good Times

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