Changes and Challenges


How many psychologist does it  take to change a light bulb?    Just one; but the light bulb has  to want to change.

Lots of newness and  improvements are happing to  our blog.  The biggest one is the name change.  The Wild Women Book Club has now become……Wild About Books, A seriously great reference site for book lovers. If you are a follower of this blog, you get emails when a new post has been published and you don’t get a chance to see the blog, which is now more of a web site with the home page being the blog itself.  Check it out; Wild About Books.

My challenge this week was from my son Zach.  He asked if I ever read about things that I didn’t believe.  For example, I’m a vegan and probably would only read books and cookbooks that promoted the health benefits of being a  vegan.  Or, when I  wanted to read about Mormonism, I chose a book about a person that ended up leaving the Mormon Church because it justified my beliefs about the Mormon religion. The closest I’ve ever come to reading something that might not lean towards my beliefs was when I read “Killing Lincoln”.  My mom had a fit that I would read something by Bill O’Reilley; I didn’t know who Bill O’Reilly was so that one doesn’t even count. The day after Zach challenged me, my dad called, which only happens one to three times a year, and recommended a book “Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis. Dad is on his 4th time reading this book.  He must really like this book to recommend it to his unreligious daughter and to be reading it for the fourth time.   I do believe that the universe makes things happen for a reason and that it is important that you are aware of the signs from the universe. Therefore, through the combination of Zach’s challenge and dad’s recommendation I will be reading  “Mere Christianity“.  C. S. Lewis is the author of the popular series The Chronicles of Narnia of which “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” is one of the books.  I just started “Mere Christianity”  and haven’t even gotten past the introduction and forward and I am already sucked into the philosophic style of writing.  You have to read each sentence with focus because each sentence is a masterpiece of writing.  Then you have to stop and ponder the sentence.  This is the epitome of a thought provoking book.

In the mean time; I’m reading “Winter of the World”, which I’m really not into and “The Gluten Free Edge”  a book about gluten free athletes and how their performance improves by eliminating gluten from their diet.  I don’t recommend the book but I do recommend trying a gluten free diet. You must be asking yourself; how will she find time to research and find a book for January with all of this extra curricular reading going on in her life?  No worries my fellow followers, I have my staff and the universe working on that research right now.

2 thoughts on “Changes and Challenges

  1. love your writing almost as i love you!

    this rocks and makes me want to read the book

    thank you for being incredible. I mean for being you.


  2. The universe does work in mysterious ways Lisa.

    For no apparent reason this morning, I was thinking back to conversation you and I had when we first met at the gym. You were telling me about your children and you said Zach was in Europe doing his graduate work in Philosophy. I asked you how a kid from Darby got into Philosophy and you told me how he became interested in it by taking a variety of college classes that eventually led him down the path of his studies. I remember saying to you, “that’s exactly WHY we send our kids to college; so they can experience new things and explore new ideas” and you replied, “Exactly!”

    Now, today, just minutes after thinking back to that conversation, I read your blog post. I can’t articulate this very well, but do you see my point? It’s odd that I should be thinking of that conversation right before reading that your son encouraged you to “experience new things and explore new ideas”. It’s odd that your father should encourage you to read something he knows you would never choose to read on your own. It’s wonderful that you’re doing it! This is what I love about you; your courage to explore.

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