10891810_10155148367115722_919703612832450214_nThe February Wild About Books book of the month is “10% Happier” by Dan Harris.  I would like to compliment this book with some other resources about this month’s book, about meditation and about mindfulness.  First a quick “10% Happier” book review from another blog that I have recommended in a previous Wild About Books post, The Minimalist.  Click here for the review.

Next I would like to recommend a facebook page, Osborne Health and Healing, check it out for some mindfulness tips and endless resources, including a talk from Ellen Langer about our society and its mindless ways.

Lastly, I would like to recommend an app to get you started on meditation called Headspace.  I’m currently on the free Take 10 portion of this app in which it guides you through ten 10 minute meditations to get you started on your meditation path.

This post is short and sweet but with lots of homework.  Quick update for my followers.  It’s been so warm and dry for the past month that Deja Vu and I have been out only once.  She is getting mildly depressed about this hiatus.  On the flip side, I did run in shorts and a short sleeve shirt yesterday and I’m seriously considering taking Mrs. Ecstasy Cubed , my mountain bike, for a ride.   Adult ed pickleball was a success.  We had two courts set up, 8 people signed up, 7 people showed up along with one helper and myself.   Other exciting news. I’m the newest member of the Darby Library Board of Directors and the new Darby Junior High Assistant Tennis Coach.  You can seriously do anything you want in a small town.  Usually; it’s your turn anyway.


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