April 2015 Book Selection

You are really going to like this month’s book selection.  This is a laugh out loud novel about a grown man with Asperger’s.  He’s unaware that he has Asperger’s but is aware that he does not fit into societal norms.  It isn’t until he falls in love that he starts to work on his quirky ways and even become a little flexible in his strictly scheduled life.  I really liked this book and finished it on my trip.  I highly recommend “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion.  It’s a light quick read and very enjoyable.

I’m cutting this post short to make up for the super long one that’s in the works.  It’s also taking me a while to get my energy back from the trip I just took and I’m feeling behind in everything at work and at home.  Maybe I’m just suffering from “river time” in the real world.  How can we incorporate “river time” to Moho Riverbecome “real time”.   A little more laid back, not so uptight about deadlines and schedules.  I try.  I try to do this but it has the same results as me not celebrating Daylight Savings Time.

I was working an Adventure Cycling Supported bicycle trip  one year and was sitting on the back of the U-haul luggage truck. It was the first day of the trip.  The luggage truck driver and another worker were sitting with me when three of the participants came up to us and said they were ready to register.  Annie told them that registration started at 3:00.  They all looked at their watches and said

“…it’s three o’clock”

We looked at each other and said;

“oh…..well…come back in 10 minutes.”

They did come back in 10 minutes and we had our table set up with rider packets, t-shirts and other information for their 8 day bike ride in Montana.  The three men decided at that moment that they were not going to be so uptight and that anytime they  crossed a river or a creek they were going to stop and go for a swim.  They were not going to be on a hurry up mission to get to the ending point for the day.  They were going to enjoy the sights and sounds and even the other participants on the trip. These men were luckier than most participants.  They discovered “river time” on the first day.  I hope that they took a little of it back with them when they went home to their busy lives.

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One thought on “April 2015 Book Selection

  1. I can’t even count the number of times someone has asked me for the time and I yell, “RIVER TIME!” They then look at me with their confused WTF face and I reply, “oh shit, sorry, its 4:30.”

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