May 2015 Book Selection


This has gotten too serious lately.  Where’s the fun, the spontaneous, the whimsical, where’s Tom?  Where are the books? Crazy ass blog.  No more scheduled once a week blog.  No more scheduled monthly book.  If there’s a new book to read we will read it.  If there is something worth writing about let’s write it.

I just got a call from my good friend who I really don’t communicate with except to see pictures of her on facebook and vice versa.  But the kind of friend who if she were at my front door you would think it was just last week that we had seen each other instead of once in ten years.  What made her pick up the phone to IMG_0037call?  Was it to schedule a visit? No…was it to check on Brett?  No she doesn’t know Brett or know that he is in the ICU in Missoula.  Was it to check on our mutual friend whose got serious shit going on? No. No. No.  She called to tell me that her two pack E-Cloths just arrived from Amazon and how crazy amazed she is at how quickly she can clean her windows with no streaks.  She will be up all night cleaning windows.  It’s already changed her life for the better and she’s considering upgrading to the e-cloth 8 piece home cleaning set or the e-cloth deep clean mop.  How is this product not a network pyramid marketing scheme.

Oh let’s have an e-cloth party.  We’ll have cocktails and warm brie on rosemary crackers as we wash the host windows for demonstrations.  Then you can all sign up under me and buy $800 worth of e-cloths so that I can make $15 and get an e-cloth Cadillac and quit my job.  Oh the joy.

But where’s the book?  I read this blog for the book.

I’m writing a book.  I do have one rule about this blog and that is that it remains PG.  That there are only innuendoes or maybe a quote with an inappropriate word.  The book I’m writing may cross the line a bit. If there are young children in the room you should politely ask them to leave for a moment.  I’ve been writing this book for 20 years.  The title is “One Hundred and One Pubic Hair Jokes”.

I have two.

BUT.  Today while Brett was getting fitted for an epidural, the ICU male nurse gave me a third joke for my book. I screamed with delight that I now have three jokes for my book. I don’t want to ruin the book for you so you’ll have to be patient for me to get 98 more jokes.

That’s not the book of the month because it’s not finished yet or published.

Let’s talk about some books.  One of my favorite authors died this month.  Ivan Doig.  A Montanan who writes books, mostly novels,  about Montana.  He is a writer whose every sentence should be savored and backwashed.

Maybe “backwashed” is not the right word.  The words should be worked through with small gravel as if you had a gizzard.  His books read like poetry.  My favorite is “The Whistling Season”.  I highly recommend it.

I slept three hours last night and now I can’t get to sleep and it’s past my bed time.  The Good Times Running Club is counting on me to be there at 6 am.  I need to go to sleep.  All this time you thought I’d been sipping some wine and really I’m just sleep deprived.

I thought the May book was going to be “Farmacology” a book that was brought to my attention by my brother-in-law who thought it would be a book I might enjoy.  I have enjoyed it very much but now it’s getting a little long and drug out.  Drug out?  is that a term.  Peace out.  This book is quickly becoming not suitable for the book of the month.

Then I started reading “Wild”  and thought this could be the choice. No. Don’t like it too much either.

Let’s make amazon do the work.  It’s a little wrecked since I find books for Brett to read on his kindle through my account.  We’ll go to “Lisa’s Amazon .com” then “recommended for you” and see what we come up with.

Well, first of all it will be a book that neither me or my staff have previewed.  Talk about spontaneous.

First book on the list “The Girl on the Train: A Novel”  No.  We’ve already read a book about a girl on a train.

Next.  Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future.  What???

Next:  The Nightingale;  HUMMM…this one has five stars.  It’s another World War II novel which we’ve already done.

That’s it. Decision is final.

The May 2015 Wild About Books book of the Month is: NO wait.  The book that we will now read just because we want to and not because it’s almost time for the May book will be:  The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.  Lots of good reviews too.

Whew.  I feel better now.  Maybe I can sleep.  Good night.

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