Hooray for Public Libraries

The greatest invention ever:  The Public Library.

I’m not sure how we’ve gotten this far in the Wild About Books blog and have not discussed  how lucky we are as a society to have public libraries.  To be able to walk into a building, be surrounded by shelves of books, pick one out and take it home to read. IMG_0774 The end.  There are no strings attached.  This is what is expected.  Take a book and read it, bring it back for someone else to read and come get another one or three or eight.

I have used libraries all of my life.  Libraries are a source of comfort for me.  I can wander the shelves in search of nothing imparticular, walk out with nothing and still consider this time in the library as productive.

I love when a book picks me out.  I walk through the shelves waiting for a book to pick me out as the perfect reader of its content. Try it next time you are in a library.  Let the book pick you.

The library does not care if I am unemployed or make millions of dollars.  The library does not care if I’m a high school drop out or have my doctorate. The library is open to everyone.  When I was a young mother, the library was a morning of entertainment for my children and I.  We could spend hours in the library, reading, story time and picking out books to take home.

The crazy part about libraries is that they are much much more than books.  They are a resource for so many other connections to the outside world.  They offer free internet, computers, printers, books on tape, videos, reading clubs, meeting rooms, newspapers, magazines, children’s activities, foreign film night and more. You can even download books onto your kindle.  Public libraries are an iconic spot in the community, a source of pride for a for a small town.

In Darby, a town of 850 people, the library truly is an asset to our community.  You can feel the flow of positive energy emanating from it’s walls.  The director and her staff are constantly implementing new and creative programs and visions for our library.  The volunteers work countless hours running the checkout desk, shelving books and helping patrons.  The Friends of the Darby Library auxiliary group put on fundraisers, write grants and assist the director and the board of trustees in any way that they can.  The board of trustees, of which I am the newest member, are very passionate about their local public library.

Yesterday I walked into our library and checked out eight books.  All the books I chose are books that I have read before.  I took them home to my family to pick one out for our river trip. Refer to the photo for some more reading recommendations for the summer.

Check out your local public library and don’t forget to thank the librarian.

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