Small Business Saturday

Darby Montana; a pretty spectacular place to live.  A population of about 850 in the town limits, the Bitterroot mountains on the west side, the Sapphires to the east and the Bitterroot River winding its way through it all.  There are lots of great things to do in the outdoors here, but what about the town?  What does our town have to offer? Can you get your Christmas shopping done in Darby?  Yes, you definitely can.IMG_0876  Darby has a lot to offer.  In one small block you can:

  1. Get your dog washed
  2. Buy some fishing flys or live maggots
  3. Get some farm fresh eggs at the liquor store (as well as liquor, wine, and gifts)
  4. After a long day of shopping you can bar hop between the two bars, The Sawmill and Dotsons (good for people watching and pool playing too, You can visit with the likes of “Pistol Packing Pete” who comes into the bar, not with his pistol, because that’s illegal to bring a gun into a bar, school or post office, but with his holster on.  The holster is not empty, he has a cordless screw gun propped in the holster.  Apparently Pistol Packing Pete has a hernia and needs the pressure to keep things in place. )
  5. Get a great lunch or dinner at Mike’s Little Blue Joint (vegan options too)
  6. A massage from Christina (and she’s a birth doula)
  7. Yoga/Pilates classes from Wendy at Main Street Yoga
  8. Get a work out at The Right to Bare Arms Fitness Gym
  9. Get a Tattoo
  10. Find almost anything at the thrift shop
  11. Get an $8 haircut at Hope’s Cutting Corral
  12. Get your hair done, nails done, makeup done, or a tan at The Electric Beach and Hair Studio
  13. Drink a wide variety of craft beer at the Bandit Brewery and enjoy live music
  14. Buy some organic fruit, veggies, local-made gifts and much more at the health food store, The Darby Mercantile.
  15. Catch up on the gossip at the post office from the clerks when you mail your gifts.
  16. Check out a book at the Darby Library to relax with after shopping.
  17. Antiques (but I think only the tourist go there)
  18. Candy store (tourist again)
  19. Get your freshly harvested game stuffed at one of the two taxidermy shops
  20. Get your skull bleached ( I’m not sure what this is or the cost, but it is available if you need it)

Consider  Down Town Darby for all of your Christmas shopping on  small business Saturday.  This list is full of ideas for presents and gift certificates and even time to enjoy yourself.  You’ll avoid the traffic as all of these options are within walking distance.  You’ll avoid multiple stop lights because there aren’t any. There also aren’t any crowds to wade through.  No lines.  Oh wait, there may be a line in the post office, but not because it’s busy.  There’s only one clerk at a time working the desk and she’s catching up on what each customer and their family have been up to since the last time they were in.  No reason to get stressed about it, just enjoy it.  Now you’ll have something to share next time you’re at Hope’s Cutting Corral.

Find more great tips and a wide variety of book suggestions at Wild About Books.  Books make great gifts too.



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