Reply from the President

Those of you that are regular followers of the Wild About Books Book Club Blog will remember my post “Dear Barrack”; a letter to President Obama.  Click here to see this post which I did print and mail to the President.

Mostly I forgot about it, but sometimes I wonder if Mr. Obama read my letter.  And sometimes I think about writing him again so that he understands what people are dealing with out here in the land of the real world.

Today my work phone rang and I answered it;

“Darby Schools, this is Lisa”.

It was the president’s office.   She was looking for the Lisa Poe that had sent a letter to President Obama last May.

“Yes!I am that Lisa Poe”.

“Great. This is Fiona from The Presidential Office of Correspondence.  President Obama reads ten letters every night and yours was one of them.  He has hand-written you a reply and we need an address to send it to.  If you give me your email address I’ll scan and email it to you too”.

I gave her the information, thanked her and told her to have a great  day.

What the heck?  This is amazing.

Lucky for him I had not started the ACA reporting forms process at work when I wrote that letter.  Maybe lucky for me too, I would end up in federal prison if I told him how ridiculous this has all become and that “affordable health care” is not only a misnomer but a complete farce.  This opinion being  from my perspective and experiences.  I’m sure that there are people who have better health care now.   I was hoping Mr. Obama would invite me to the White House for some more advice, but that was not the case.   Maybe I’ll just pop in one day and see if he’s available.  We need to talk about responsible gun ownership, archaic public school systems, unaffordable college educations, student loan rip-offs, GMO’s, and the dairy industry.  I should probably bring an overnight bag.

POTUS Response-01


4 thoughts on “Reply from the President

  1. You know how proud I was of the first letter and that you sent it to the President. I went crazy when you sent the message that the White House had called. You should send this one to him also. You would probably get the same caring type response….not Federal prison. It is likely that he has gotten nothing like he wanted it. I know that is true of ACA. He has had major resistance to every thing he has tried to do.

    Your ideas are so well thought out and your writing is excellent!

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  2. Lisa this is so amazing. How rare that Potus actually sent you a handwritten letter. Many people write the President but you are the only person I know that has received a response. Of course your letter was outstanding hard not to put it on top of the pile. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas

    Keep up the writing

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