June 2016 Book of the Month

First, I should apologize.  We totally missed the month of May for a book of the month.  I could have written my own book called “How to coach tennis, administer a school board election, survive a yearly audit, and still manage a week vacation to Boston and Vermont”.

My good friend/co-worker was probably thrilled to see my cranky ass out of the office for a week.

I can tell when I’ve been working too much because I  have nothing to write on my blog.

How can you go through a whole day and not have something to write?

Who are you talking to?


Of course, you have something to write.  You didn’t absorb the day enough, you rushed it.  Slow down.  Appreciate what’s happening.  It’s all story worthy, you just forgot to let it soak in.  Nothing is so important that you have to skim off the top all day long.  Check shit off your list, add to tomorrow’s list…..it’s never ending and more importantly, it’s not worth the energy it takes to throw it across the room.  But that’s where it goes; folders, papers, instructions, passwords, logins, deadlines, updated deadlines thrown into a discombobulated pile of “fuck it”.

“….are you crying?”

“..nope, I am not”

What a waste of my time.

Picking a book of the month was not on May’s agenda.  Fortunately, I did read a book, several books, and have a book of the month for June. Prisoner of Heaven

I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  If you have not tried them yet, they would make a nice accompaniment to the summer months.  The June book of the month is the third and final book in this series.”The Prisoner of Heaven” intertwines the first two seemingly stand alone books together.  You’ll find yourself in conflict.  Unable to put the book down, yet hoping that you never reach the end.  I hope that you enjoy these books as much as I have.

We are officially in  the lazy days of summer, perfect for reading.  The garden is planted, meals are light and easy, the days are long.  Go read a book or a trilogy.

For more great reading recommendations check out Wild About Books blog.







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