Guilty Pleasures

It was a most perfect morning for my run today.  I thought about taking a photo in the middle but a photo would not have done it justice.  Perfect views of Lost Horse Drainage for the first half and Como Peaks for the second half.  An eight mile loop and I never saw another person and I was never passed by a car.  I love Montana.  The beautiful thing about a Saturday morning run is that I can now sit on my deck in the sunshine and read all afternoon without feeling guilty.  The book I’m reading right now; “Why Quantum Physicist Play Grow a Greater You” addresses this very flaw that I have.  The flaw being that I can’t sit on my deck and read all afternoon without feeling guilty (unless I ran, washed windows, or cooked casseroles for the week).  My desire IS to sit on the deck on a beautiful afternoon; but my beliefs tell me that that is not allowed without having earned it.  The goal is to adjust my beliefs and this is what this book is about.  I recommend it.  I also read his book “Why Quantum Physicist Don’t Get Fat”.  It’s good too as it is more a book about life than a book about having unwanted weight.  Also reading (although not very fast) “Abundance; The Future is Better Than You Think” recommended by my mom.  So far not an easy read but I like what it has to say about our future.  I’m so tired of hearing the excuse phrase “well…in this economy”.  How long are we going to use that crutch.  The lines at the coffee huts have never gone down.  The attendance at major sporting events never goes down.  Cell phones, internet and satellite TV are like running water and electricity.  Everyone has to have them to live.  What???? This quote from the book is what has kept me reading:  “…the inability of people to see the positive trends through the sea of bad news- that may be the biggest stumbling block on the road toward abundance.”  Here’s a secret about me; sometimes, while riding in the car I’ll listen to Rush Limbaugh, I rarely last more that two minutes.  I think he may be the cause of a lot of negative thinking and he says “…well in this economy…” in most of his sentences.  I wouldn’t recommend listening to him.  I was just trying to understand my good friend the Mormon Bishop.

To the Moon Emily LovejoyOne more book I read this month was “To the Moon” written and illustrated by one of my assistant daughters, Emily Lovejoy.  I recommend that book too.  And even though I haven’t read the new and improved version; my son Zach just published his second short story in an anthology of Christmas stories called “The Miracle of Love at Christmas“.  I’m excited to get my The Miracle of Love at Christmas Zachary Honeycopy.  I also recommend his first published short story in a book called “Southern Gothic New Tales of the South

I hope you’re liking this month’s book selection.  I’m about half way through and find it a delightful story and very well written.  If you haven’t started it yet; no worries.  Remember, our book club has no rules and is pretty laid back and you can comment on it once you’ve read it even if you decide to wait for it to come out in paperback.  Don’t feel guilty.  You deserve to read what you want when you want.  That I believe.

Good Times

One thought on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. I have always had to mow the lawn, etc., before I can sit down to read. So, you inherited that, but I, too , have become easier on myself. I didn’t finish the Abundance book. After I got the gist of it. I said ” excellent ideas” and stopped reading it and started The Social Confquest of Earth which is an easier read, but quite informative about the social, philosophical, religious, etc. deveopment of mankind. It is sort of like watching Nova on PBS.


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