A Message from the Universe

I’m pretty sure the universe is trying to tell me something but I’m struggling to find the underlying message so I will need your help with this.  Here’s the story.  I’ve just returned from a successful evening of grocery shopping and dinner at the brewery in Hamilton.  After putting away the groceries, doing a little knitting and watching some Monday night football, I get ready for bed.  Of course going to bed  means reading for a while, which has been my routine since I learned to read in 1st grade.  As you know I have multiple books going at once and I just flip back and forth (love my Kindle).  I’m a little over half way through “Why Quantum Physicist Play Grow a Greater You”.  It’s just getting into implementing “a greater you”.  Just when I’m thinking this is too heavy for before bed reading, he tells a story I’ve never heard before.  If you put a frog in a pot of water and slowly bring it to a boil the frog won’t notice and he’ll be cooked.  But if you put a frog in a pot of already boiling water the frog will experience some serious pain and may even think get me out of here, I’m being cooked.  I don’t think too much of this story, this author is constantly using analogies such as this one.  Mostly he’s saying to change the beliefs of your subconscious you must do it gradually so it doesn’t want to jump out of the pot.  Here’s the freaky part of my story.  I flip over to our October book selection “All The Light We Cannot See” which I’m also just over half way through. This is a totally different if not completely opposite book than the quantum physicist book.  The title of the chapter I’m just now getting ready to read is “The Frog Cooks”

Are you kidding me? Can this be the same story within two minutes of each other from two completely different books?  Yes!  It is the same story.  Madame Manec tells the story to  Etienne and Marie-Laure while she is preparing potato soup.  But in her version she is making the point that the seriousness of the German occupation of France is being unnoticed due to it happening so gradually.  The French are about to be cooked and no one is aware of that.

I couldn’t read anymore.  This was too ironic.  I couldn’t sleep either.  What is the meaning of this?  Besides, each book took the story to mean something different.  One was that slowly being cooked is good and the other, that slowly being cooked is bad.  What’s the universe trying to tell me? What is my pot of water and what is my frog?

4 thoughts on “A Message from the Universe

  1. Freaky weird. I’ve heard the frog cooks story many times in my life but always in relation to politics, never as an idea for changing subconscious thought patterns, but I can see how it’s relevant. If you’re thinking about making a change in your life, of any kind, seems to me the universe is telling you to do it slowly. Give yourself time to adjust to something new in your life — whatever that may be.


  2. Don’t both stories say that when something, good or bad, happens if it evolves slowly it won’t whomp you up side the head. How that effects you I don’t know. The coincidence in your readings is awesome. I have had a similar experience. When you read as much as you and I it is bound to happen…..I’m guessing.


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