Career Adventures

I have finally figured it out.  You will be so proud of me.  After 50 years; I have decided what I want to be when I grow up.  There have been times in my life when I thought I knew what I wanted to be.  At four years old I wanted to be a ballerina or a check out girl at the Bi-Rite Grocery.  At ten years old I decided I would be the first woman president.  As a young teen I figured I would have 9 children so that I could own my own professional baseball team. There have been many ideas, but nothing I felt passionate about. It’s why I never finished college.  I was never passionate enough to spend my time and money on a particular degree.  My college transcripts look like my music playlist.  A 1548060_672865409416985_1355061391198325364_ohodge podge of mismatched unconnectable dots. Honestly, my all time dream and proudest accomplishment is being a mom.  I wanted 5 kids; I wished for twins during both pregnancies.  I loved changing diapers.  I’m a freak, but it’s true, I loved it. But I did that and the jobs I held at that time were secondary as the mom job came first.

A list of Lisa’s career adventures:

  1. Check out girl at the Bi-Rite Grocery (that was one dream come true)
  2. Check out girl at Mickey’s Mart in Disney World
  3. Assistant Manager at Subway (I was over 18 and could use the meat slicer so they made me assistant manager)
  4. Work study job at Guilford Technical College
  5. Drafter (in Germany)
  6.  Drafter (in North Carolina where I also became a licensed plumber and licensed Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor)
  7. Maid, waitress, bartender, dishwasher, lawn boy, pool cleaner…..(CINDERELLA!!!) at a “resort” in Montana.
  8. Caretaker of a Motel in Darby
  9. Caretaker of a Laundromat in Darby
  10. Step aerobics instructor
  11. Summer Camp Leader
  12. Substitute Teacher
  13. Leader for Adventure Cycling
  14. Assistant Secretary at Darby School
  15. Secretary at Darby High School
  16. Bookkeeper for a crook in Hamilton
  17. Nine days at Halo Heaven (first job that I said; “this isn’t working out for me” and didn’t come back the next day)
  18. Lightfoot Cycles (assembled recumbent bikes; this was my favorite job)
  19. Darby School District Clerk and Business Manager (this is the best job I’ve ever landed; but, it’s not me).

Nineteen jobs in 50 years.  My dad has worked the same job in that exact same time frame, as in; one job for the last 50 years!  I’m sure I’ve left out some things too.  Like selling rubber stamps; a network marketing gimmick in which you spend more on the product than you make. I bet on football too; but that ends in the same result as the network marketing.

“Do what you like and the money will follow”.  Is this true?  Do I have the confidence to test these waters.  Throw in the proverbial steady job towel.  Will I let wild abandon win over ridiculous, meticulous,  never ending, non-motivating, waste of my talents paper pushing desk job?  How much longer can I fake caring?

A Writer. An Adventurer. An Entrepreneur.

That’s what I want to be. Is it possible to make a living being an entrepreneurial adventure writer?  Should I not even think about that part and just do it?

“Let the world know what you want and the universe will take care of the rest.”

Montana adventures naturally lead to a good story.  Let me practice my writing on you (ha, like I don’t already).

It was New Year’s Day and I was traveling with my beautiful man through the Big Hole towards Jackson.  We had just finished cross country skiing with our black lab on Anderson Mountain at Chief Joseph Pass on the 10620330_774858409217684_4074266126131066028_ocontinental divide. There was plenty of snow at this elevation and it was a brisk 5 degrees.  The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun was bright and glistening on the snow.  It’s very magical and peaceful cross country skiing on this mountain.  We arrived in Jackson for a soak in their rustic, quaint, full of it’s own personality hot springs.  It’s 5 degrees and walking out the door into the pool area is a challenge wearing only a bathing suit.  The steam from the hot water has frozen on all of the fixtures, power lines, furniture and walls surrounding the pool creating ice stalactites and stalagmites everywhere .  I feel as if I’ve entered the scene of a spaghetti western Disney movie. Even the hand rail into the pool is coated in a frozen sculpture.  The water is 101 degrees which is just perfect, not too hot that you are torn between the too hot water and the too cold air.  After 40 minutes or so we are pretty much cooked. We get out soaking wet and look for our towels on a stalactite. We were now famished and decided to try the restaurant across the street.  Jackson Montana has a population of 50 and has two restaurants; one at the hot springs and one across the street.  Rosa’s Cantina.  Yum, some Mexican food sounds perfect.  We walk into the restaurant, there is a women on the floor playing with two basset hounds.  I hope that she is a customer.  There is a man sitting at the counter staring at us in a “Deliverance” kind of way, knowing that we aren’t from around there.  I hope that he is a customer.  No such luck.  They are the proprietors of the establishment. The waitress and the cook.  They greet us and tell us to sit anywhere.  We are the only customers and have our choice of truly anywhere.  The basset hounds are also excited to have customers and follow us  nudging  our palms with their wet noses hoping for some pets as their owners holler unsuccessfully for them to “com’ere”.  The restaurant smells like smoke, wet dog, dish water and old grease.  I’m starting to question our choice.  We sit in a booth and the woman brings us two plastic covered food stained menus.  Brett’s upset that he forgot his reading glasses.  I assure him not to be upset about that, that this is not a Mexican restaurant.  I read the menu items off to him; chicken fried steak, fried prawns, fried seafood platter, burgers with fries and many more frozen items that can be quickly turned into a meal with the magic fryer basket.  My vegan stomach was not seeing any options, Brett is trying to figure out how we politely walk out and the basset hounds are insisting that we must be family.   I stand up.  Brett stands up.  The bassets get more excited.  Finally I say “I think we’re just going to head home for dinner.”  We  get out, cross the street and enjoy a meal at the hot springs.  The end.

It’s always like this.  Every adventure is a story and every day is an adventure.  You can’t make this stuff up.  I’d be missing the boat if I didn’t write it all down.  A writer, an adventurer, an entrepreneur.

“Don’t be afraid of death.  Be afraid of the un-lived life.”

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